“I bet there are three-eyed monsters and man-eating trees on the other side of the great river,” said Shyam.

Shyam was the only one I was close to, besides my mom. She was my world. Shyam and I used to come here every morning to watch the sunrise. We sat under the great banyan, by the banks of Ganga river.

I loved how the birds chirped in the morning and everything got so lively when the first rays hit the valley. How shiny and bright the Himalayas became as the rays penetrated their perennial snow. How the water changed colour…

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

“Why does everything have to be so hard? Like we are just pretending and pretending. I try to be happy like everyone else. Forgive me for the days I can’t.”

I had scribbled in my diary. I was lying on the white sands of some unknown beach in Pondicherry. I wish I could’ve enjoyed the road that led to this surreal place. The road was covered with lush green trees on both sides which gave way to beautiful sandy beaches every now and again.

I just couldn’t enjoy the breeze, or the earthiness of this small town, or the beautiful…

Photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash

The most difficult part of human existence is Regret and hope.

The lair reeked of evil. It wasn’t waterlogged, but the earth beneath had just the right amount of moisture, enough to bug you. The moist soil was both a boon and a curse. A boon because you escaped the fall without any major injuries. A curse because after a certain point of time, small things like damp soil gets in your head and it's the only thing you could think about.

If you look up, you could see the opening, again both a boon and a curse. The opening…

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Past is like your mistress.
There are lots of good memories, nostalgia and happiness associated, but there is always enough buried there that if it gets out, it's gonna overshadow your present and ruin your future.
So you just stow it in a little corner of your heart.

Your present is like you driving a bike, for the very first time.
Constant nervousness about things going wrong all the time. Your excitement and happiness are short-lived.
Just a bend away from disaster and heartbreak.

Your future is like you committed a crime.
Whether you make it or not depends on your…

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I fail to recollect your face or recall how you smell or how you lived and loved. I yearn for us to be together a bit longer so that I could reminisce about our time together. So that there’s something to remember you by. Something to fall back to when days are gloomy and dark.

I want you to know that You’ll always be remembered.

Through the memories of my mom, my sister, and countless others. Be it your small gestures of kindness or self-less attitude and life. …

Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

You don’t have to own acres of land or rule a few mortals or wear a crown or belong to a royal bloodline to be a King.

A guy who treats every girl with respect is a King in true spirit.

Photo by Sandeep Shetty: A small hamlet along the banks of Parvathi river in Katagla, Himachal Pradesh.

I love a girl but just from afar…

I love everything about her.
Her innocent eyes, her free-flowing hair, her beautiful smile. She is beautiful even when she is not.

I’m afraid to express it to her. Every time I’m near her, the world stops and so does my mind.
How do you tell yourself… to not tell yourself that you’re not enough?. If only she could somehow know what I feel, breathe, whisper, and dream.

I couldn’t say because I know she is perfect, but I ain’t. I also know that at this moment there is no one out…

Photo by James Pond on Unsplash

It’s strange how life can be sometimes. In a moment you have absolute clarity while in others you are clueless. It is these clueless moments and how you react to it that defines the way your life turns out.

“Serendipity is hard these days, I found you through Insta,” she said.

This was one such moment. Where you realize that your life will alter its course depending on what you chose to do or who you chose to be. A moment of chaos where you wish you could see the future to gauge its impact.

7th July 2019 7:43 pm

Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels

They wake us up at the stroke of dawn. We then assemble in the east side garden for our tea whilst we soak in the morning sun. We are then made to guzzle down our meds.

Martin and Joe were planning a rendezvous against Ivory merchants of Sudan. They were schizophrenic. And sometimes I pretended to be a part of their beautiful world. Last week we devised an invasion in the quantum realm against Intergalactic forces. We are on non-speaking terms currently since I refused to sell smuggled dolphins yesterday. But sooner or later they come around. …

Sandeep Shetty

Software Engineer from Mumbai. Ambivert. Loves to read and ride. Coffee addict. sandeepgshetty333@gmail.com.

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